Child therapy, understanding teens, helping young adults move into adulthood.

Lilli Rouleau MFT 3

Lilli Rouleau LMFT #92391- Therapist. ADHDers, children, kids, teens, and young people are welcome here. Videogame, Comic Book, and Superhero languages spoken here.  

Is your kid too loud? Too fast? Talks too much? Won’t talk at all?

Do your family and friends give you “that look” when your child acts up in public or at family events?  Does your child resist going to school? Are playdates an issue?

Do your child’s teachers tell you about problems on the playground, fights in the classroom, homework not being done/never turned in?

Is your child “shy” or fearful when confronted with new experiences?

Is dinnertime a problem – only eats one thing, resists new foods, can’t sit at the table/wanders around while eating/only eats in their room?

Videogame struggles?

Don’t despair! These are all normal behaviors for children and normal issues in families, however they can be extremely upsetting and cause great distress for children and their grownups.  If these are problems in your family come see me I can help!

I am a licensed psychotherapist with a specialization in Child Psychology and ADHD/LD.  I utilize Play Therapy, Sand Tray, Art Therapy, and Talk therapy, and Mindfulness with children based on their level of understanding and the needs of the child.  I go where they are to best understand what they need/what they are striving to communicate to us grownups. Being a kid is hard – I can help.

NEW coming soon – Touchpoint therapy w “buzzies” – based on EFT Tapping techniques.  Buzzies are small electronic hand buzzers used to treat anxiety, sleeplessness, and ADHD restlessness.  These are a drug free approach to treatment. Based in neuroscience and well researched.  And fun!

My office is in Montrose, CA – very close to Pasadena and Glendale just off the 2 Freeway with plenty of free parking and charming restaurants and shopping nearby.